How to Brew Beer

Brewing beer on your own is not an impossible feat. Here are the six steps to follow when brewing beer:

1. Cleaning and sanitizing

After obtaining all the necessary equipment, you need to clean them thoroughly and sanitize them. Anything used in the brewing process needs to be cleaned and sanitized before commencing the brewing process.

2. Making the brew

This requires your strict attention since you need to follow strict guidelines and monitor the process. Always do your best to get each step right since time plays an important role.

3. Choose a brewing method

You can choose between; extract brewing, all-grain brewing, and partial-mash brewing. Extract brewing uses grain extracts; all-grain brewing wholly uses grains which partial mash brewing uses both grain and extracts.

4. Start brewing

After choosing a brewing method, it is time to start brewing. You will begin by mashing, proceed to lautering and boiling. We have discussed this process in detail above.

5. After brewing

This is the phase where you prepare for fermentation. You need to cool the wort fast, add water, check the gravity reading, and add yeast.

6. Fermentation

This is an essential step as the yeast converts sugar into CO2 and sugar. You need to monitor the fermentation process until its completion closely.

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