Three Must-Have Brewing Gadgets

Homebrewing is an inexpensive hobby. Brewing gadgets are easy to find and less costly. Below are home brewing gadgets that will help you brew and ensure you end up with a beer that tastes best.

1. Immersion Wort Chiller

It is an essential brewing gadget because it helps lower the chances of any bacterial contamination. Immersion Wort Chiller helps to cool your wort. Remember, when brewing, you need to cool the wort from boiling to yeast pitch temperature.

This chiller does that in a fast and effective way. It comes in stainless steel and copper. Copper is recommended because it is a better heat conductor and is a cheaper alternative.

2. pH Strips/ pH Meter

When brewing, you need to monitor the pH levels constantly. PH levels are crucial because the enzymes help break your grain starch work optimally at a particular range.

Therefore, a very high or very low pH may result in inefficiency and low-quality beer. You can use a pH strip or meter to check the pH levels. Though strips are an easily accessible and affordable option, they are not as accurate as a pH meter.

3. Refractometer/ Hydrometer

A hydrometer and refractometer measure the sugar concentration in a solution. While most people begin using a hydrometer, upgrading to a refractometer is expensive. It will reward you with better quality beer.

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