Amazing Cascade Smash Pale Ale Recipe

As a homebrewer, you need to experiment with various recipes. You never know which one works for you until you try several recipes. Hers a Cascade Smash Recipe;

The All Grain Recipe

Recipe specifications

This recipe has a 5-gallon batch size, with 75% efficiency. It has a 1.050 original gravity and final gravity of 4.7 liters. An ABV of 5.1%, SRM of 4.7 Liters, and IBU of 41


  • Pale Ale Malt- 9 lbs.
  • Cascade hops-6% AAU
  • Cascade HOPS- 6% AA, 0.5 ounces (3AAU)
  • Cascade Hops- 0.5 ounces for 15 minutes
  • Cascade Hops- 0.5 ounces for a minute
  • Cascade Hops- 0.5 ounces, dried for a week or two
  • Irish Moss- 1 tsp.


  1. Mash until the starch conversion is done. That is approximately one hour at 152 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. At 170 degrees Fahrenheit, mash it out
  3. Bring the mash to a boil
  4. Add your initial hop addition
  5. Set the timer
  6. Thirty minutes later, add your second addition
  7. After fifteen minutes, add your third addition as well as the Irish moss
  8. Turn of the heat
  9. Stir in your last hop addition and whirlpool
  10. Chill it to 68 degrees Fahrenheit
  11. Add your fermenter
  12. Pitch in yeast, set the temperature at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and ferment for between seven and ten days.

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