How to Brew Sour Beer

Years ago, sour beer was the popular choice for many. It is suspected that the demand for sour beer will grow after the current trend for craft beer. Sour beer offers you a chance to extend your palace because they provide a hard to achieve flavor using the common brewing yeast.

Here is how to brew sour beer:

  • Give it time- the time is of the essence, and patience is a virtue for wild yeast. Sour beer needs a lot of time and might need a fermenting period of 6 months, after which it will continue fermenting in the bottle.
  • Adopt a mild beer style- brewing sour beer doesn’t need any special equipment. However, it needs a mild beer style. Don’t go for overly spiced, bitter, or roast flavors because they will exaggerate in unpleasant ways.
  • If you can, use old hops- old hops are the best for sour beers. If you can’t age your hops or buy aged ones, find alpha acid hops.

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