How to Create a Home Brewing Recipe

Would you like to be creative and come up with a beer recipe? Here is how:

  1. Create an ideal balance between specialty grains and base malts-,maintain an optimal balance between these two will help you tweak a recipe. For instance, if an original recipe has an 80:20 ratio for base malt and specialty grains, ensure you don’t overdo the ratio.
  2. Be mindful with fruit additions- adding fruit can transform your beer without necessarily changing the initial ratio. However, how you add the fruit determines if you are adding sugars that can quickly ferment. Buying frozen fruit is a better addition because it is free of microbes, and it helps break down the fruit’s cell walls.
  3. Don’t add too much spice-a little spice can make a whole lot of difference. Therefore adding spices can significantly change the flavor of your beer. However, some spices can overpower others. For example, smoked malts are a sweet addition but adding smoked malt above 2% will give your beer a burnt taste.

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